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Upper Klamath Basin Duck Hunting Outlook 2023

The Lower Klamath Is closed again this year for low water. With record snow packs last year it almost seems unfathomable, but we find ourselves here again. I the short term it helps the areas I hunt as it moves the birds to the upper basin to find water, but in the long run the verdict is still out.

Mallards are the last to make their way down!
2023 Klamath Mixed Duck Strap

It's a travesty as more than 85% of the Pacific Flyway uses the Basin one way or another. If you search Klamath Waterfowl all you will find is doom and gloom, but that's not the case if you know where to go and have the ability to get there. Klamath is full of birds, and will continue to fill as the season progresses. They will be concentrated, but if you can get to them you will be reminded of the old days.

Opening day is this weekend (10/14/2023) and the outlook is good. If the weather holds it will be fantastic. there are a ton of juveniles, still brown without winter plumage, but we get a few birds in full feathers every year, so if you are picky you could go home with a beautiful strap of birds.

If you are willing to find them, the 2023 duck opener will be awesome
Opening Day Klamath Gadwall

Upper Klamath is full of sheltered duck holes. Hunt the tributaries and hit the wetland ponds as they fill. There will be a ton of birds and if you are able to get to them you are in for a treat.

If you would like up to date reports feel free to call Nate at 541-951-6952 and he can help you with all your hunting plans.



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