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Klamath Basin Waterfowl Hunting Report for November 2022

November is the time for Klamath Basin mixed bags.

The good news is there are new birds pouring into the basin everyday. Over the past week we have seen so many fresh birds that it seems like the majority of the migration will hit during the season this year.

A Nice Klamath November Bird

The bad news is the lake and marshes are starting to freeze. Now for those of you that know the upper basin well know that it never is really completely frozen...that there are mudflats and springs that keep it open, but it does make accessing the birds harder and almost impossible for those who don't know how to find the open water.

The Canvasbacks are starting to show up in the Klamath Basin!

The good news is that if you find that water/ice interface you will find birds, and decoy willing ones. The good good news is that the basin's freeze and thaw cycle is good for hunting as it moves the birds around and rewards thos who are willing to follow. So get out there!

If you are apprehensive about venturing out on your own give us a call 541 951 6952 as we have a few seats left and we would love to show you the special Klamath Basin.



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