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Klamath Basin Duck Hunting Report for November 2023

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Better bring lots of ammo. The upper basin has been hunting well for us, but unlike years past you have to venture out to find the birds. With the Lower Klamath being closed, there is added pressure to the upper basin, and the birds are responding. The close in duck holes of 3 years ago have been inundated with hunters and the local birds have quit using them. Until the big pushes of northern birds hit the basin this is the pattern to expect.

Like most things in life, one person's problem is another's opportunity. If you are creative, observant, and prepared, you will find an abundance of unmolested birds. The upper basin is huge, and if you spend enough time in the backwater you will have great shoots.

Look for the mudflats during nice weather and small sheltered holes during the fronts. Mud motors are almost essential pieces of equipment, during these high pressured times, as 90% of the birds are feeding and roosting beyond an regular outboards reach. The walk in guys will do well are there are plenty of birds if you get away from the crowds.

We are mostly seeing gadwalls, widgeon, and a few mallards, but as the northern birds start to filter in the greenheads and pintails will become more prevalent.

I love November in the basin. As it's storm fronts pound the north the basin just keeps collecting birds and the hunting becomes fast and furious. With the marshes filling a little at a time, November promises to return to its past glory. Get out and experience the upper basin this time of year as it will quickly become one of your greatest waterfowl experiences.



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