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Klamath 2022-2023 Waterfowl Preview!

Drought, Drought, Drought ... If you have been searching waterfowl hunting in the Klamath Basin that is all you have probably heard! The Lower Klamath Refuge has closed its waterfowl hunting because it doesn't have any water and doom and gloom is everywhere, but the drought has more to do with politics than water. I have seen way worse water years yet the project has no water.

The Lake has stayed so full that we haven't got the normal push of fish up the rivers we are use to. As a guide, and someone who grew up in the basin let me tell you that the upper Klamath Lake and its marshes are in great shape. So much so that its made the mighty Klamath Red Band a hard fish to catch as they have stayed spread out in the cooler water.

The Lake is completely full, making it hard to find redbands.
A Full Klamath Lake

September Redband in a Full Klamath Lake
Klamath Redband

What hurt the fishing this year has done nothing but help the waterfowl hunting in the upper basin. There are birds everywhere, but I'm sure the pressure will be immense until the birds get driven south. those Klamath birds get smart fast, but if you know where they like to go when pressured, and have the equipment to get you there you can have one heck of a shoot as the other hunters will push them to you.

Pressured Klamath Greenhead

So despite what you hear Klamath Is Going To Be Good this year...especially if you aren't afraid to do a little bushwhacking. If you are, if you hunt all the normal spots be prepared for it to slow down before the northern flights show. If you don't want to spend the time prospecting for birds, or lack the equipment to even do it your best bet is to hire a local, Upper Klamath Guide, they know all the crannies and move with the X.

Have Fun, Stay Safe, and Shoot Straight Nate.



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